Anxiety is a common feeling in human experience and has benefits if experienced in a healthy emotional range.

Still, when we experience anxiety in a severe way this can lead to mental complications, such as depression, fatigue, loss or over sense of appetite, a struggle to sleep, some paranoid manifestations as well as other complications.

All of these, and other manifestations of anxiety, are coming into play in order to curve the extreme sense of anxiety.

These symptoms of anxiety, and similarly with stress and even panic, can be very frustrating and debilitating as they are very hard to manage and stop.

These inner processes might feel on the one hand like part of ourselves and on the other hand like they are out of our control, which in term can lead to even more frustration and to a vicious cycle of pain.

Therefore, when we think that our sense of anxiety, like any other emotion, is becoming unhealthy it is best to treat it as soon as possible as the longer one neglect their emotions the more difficult and complicated it is to work through them and cure.

In our work we will try to understand your anxiety, stress and or panic. Where does it come from and why does it surface in the way that is true specifically to you.

Usually this is the first step and one that is going in some way in reducing the anxiety, stress and panic. Alongside this first part of the process you will learn to deal with it in a way that is beneficial, which in tern will reduce it farther.

The process will hopefully calumniate in your ability to have your anxiety (and for that matter other emotions) in the healthy emotional range, one that is comfortable and beneficial in your life.

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